Don't Lose Your Cool

by Diamond Youth

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released November 29, 2011

Recorded and mastered by Paul Leavitt at Valencia Recording Studios.


all rights reserved



Diamond Youth Baltimore, Maryland

By the grace of extensive video chatting and garage band recordings, Diamond Youth was born in bedrooms scattered across Baltimore, Chicago, and Richmond. Heavily Influenced by 90's alternative music, Skateboarding, and girls, "Don't Lose Your Cool" will be available on vinyl and tape this May.

Synergy Management- Evange Livanos
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Track Name: Sunburn
I had you up against the car
What were you thinking?
With my hands in your hair
No sign of slowing down or care
I'll leave you out in the sunset
To burn it in your mind
Do you remember the sunset?

Am I a fool for ever wanting you?

I had you up against the car
Nobody watching
In the center of the world
Nobody told me you could hurt
I'll leave you out in the sunset
To burn it in your mind
I'll leave you out in the sunset
Girl all you need is time

Am I a fool for ever wanting you?
Am I a fool for ever thinking you're cool?

All you need is time
To burn it into your memory
I'll burn it into your memory
Track Name: Fix of Mine
I don't know, I don't know anyone
But she said she's not like that anymore
So I'll see you around
'Cause that's how the story goes, I know
And you think you'll never be alone
Uh oh, she's lost control
And I just fell harder

You and I, just another fix of mine
Just to find anything to feel alive

I don't know who you are anymore
But this feeling that I'm feeling won't let me move on
Track Name: Fly Solo
Oh, you should abandon us
Just leave me inside your dust
'Cause I just don't want your love
I was thinking without my mind
I see nothing inside your eyes
I wanted to, but I can't stand looking at you
How long can I play the same game
And how long can you keep on wasting my time
You couldn't be further from my mind
I'm always breaking out and down
I'm just too ready

I pray for rain to come
And I hope it washes you away
I don't need anyone

How long has it been since I've dreamt of you
Too long, you're wrong, sorry if I wasted your time
You couldn't be further from my mind
Oh, you should abandon me
I just don't want your love
I'm ready now just to fly solo
Track Name: Don't Lose Your Cool
Time, it passes by, it casts a spell
You're no fool
It's always been up to you
Time, it passes by, casting a spell
Life's not real
So never lose your cool
Track Name: The Feeling
You called my name
And you took control
Ran me in circles
We fell in a hole
You had to go
And now I'm left here

Sleeping with my eyes half closed
I know that I tried my best
To stand on my legs
But I just want to make it home

It never felt so right
I thought we had it all
I'm weak and this I know
You let me go
I fell in a hole
And now I'm stuck here
Track Name: Keep Dreamin'
Hey, you know you've only got one
You're never gonna lock on
'Cause I'm always gonna move on
Hey, I see it in my daydreams
And all my walls are breaking down
And someone's gonna reach me

Sorry that I can't be yours
'Cause I'm not listening
I'm never even turning on

So you go on screaming
I'll never let you in
Just try to keep on dreaming
I'll never let you in

Hey, your life is just a short run
And everybody's got one
But I feel you like a heartburn
Oh, I'm not letting go
Cuz I never even held on at all
I'm floating now

Just keep screaming out
Raise your quiet mouth
'Cause I'm not in your cloud
Yeah I'm just floating now
Track Name: Pleasantries
I'm in a maze now
Riding a ride
I fall when I'm leaving my bed
I dropped you off
And it was over
Why can't we be like our friends

'Cause you're just a kid
And you don't know right from wrong

Driving a long time
By places we used to feel free
I need a palm tree or a sun
We need a break from all these pleasantries

Why can't we just move a long
It's not about what the others say
I believe in us on our own

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